by Janice

All of the options offered today are so exciting!

We have the choice of a traditional piano with its beautiful sound, or a digital piano with 200 to 500 different voices (depending on which model you have selected),  including pre set styles, accompaniment, rhythms, built-in metronome, song memory, and split voice. Jazz piano lessons and Yamaha piano Lessons are a lot of fun on a keyboard like this, especially if you have the full keyboard of 88 keys. Beginning piano lessons and piano lessons for children are wonderful on these keyboards too. Everyone likes to experiment with the different voices and combinations. If you are at the beginner piano lessons stage, this type of keyboard can offer endless hours of enjoyment. 

If you want to record music right in your own home, you can install the recording software on a laptop computer, attach it to the interface using a port cable, and then attach the interface to your keyboard. After making the recording, you can burn your very own audio CDs.  The possibilities are endless.   Visit my blog at for product seletion, keyboard selection, recommended piano books and a discussion of styles and technique.

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