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Piano lessons also offered via SKYPE.

Cum Laude graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts

Bachelor of Music Education - offering private piano lessons lessons at Boston's Stoneham including Lynnfield Melrose Saugus Wakefield at your home.

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Please call at any time to schedule piano lessons or to arrange for live piano music at your wedding or function.

Janice Nikitin Stravinskas

Offering instruction in all styles including classical, romantic, impressionistic, baroque, jazz, and modern (rock and pop). 

Also included are Music theory and Technique. Once the students build up a repertoire at any level, they can record an audio CD if they like. 

Beginner's piano lessons will work on something new every lesson, including reading music, values of notes, time signatures, and an introduction to key signatures and accidentals. Piano lessons for children can easily cover this material, and they will enjoy beginning piano lessons. 

Intermediate level will expand the repertoire and build on what they have learned in the beginner stage. Reading music will become more challenging, note values and time signatures will be studied in more depth, along with key signatures and accidentals, music theory will be introduced which will include all 12 major keys, the minor keys and chord building.   Technique will be introduced at this level in a way that is both challenging and fun. You can progress to jazz piano lessons and Yamaha piano lessons and classical music. 

Advanced level will include working on concert pieces and/or more advanced theory for chord building, arranging and improvisation. Jazz piano lessons can introduce more repertoire at this stage. If you are interested in entering a piano competition please contact me for preparation and coaching.

- BEGINNER'S PIANO LESSONS -All the Way to Advanced- CLASSICAL, POP AND JAZZ PIANO music - also piano lessons VIA SKYPE

The selections you are hearing were recorded using a Yamaha 88-key 500 voice portable grand (in order):  2 Minuets by J.S. Bach (string voice); Claire de Lune by Debussy; Traumerei by Shumann (dual voice grand piano and strings);  Theme from Somewhere in Time by J. Barry (dual voice grand piano and strings); Prelude in C# Minor by Rachmaninoff; Waltz in C# Minor by Chopin; Rustle of Spring by C. Sinding; Waltz in C# Minor (recap); Heroic Polonaise by Chopin; Minute Waltz by Chopin; Ode to Joy by Beethoven (cathedral organ); Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by J.S. Bach (cathedral organ); and Liebestraum by Franz Liszt.  

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